Our Auto Servicing Department Will Keep Your Affordable Car Running!

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At PLS Auto, we don’t just want to get you on the road; we want to keep you on the road! That’s why we have a 100% in-house auto servicing department at each of our locations.

Read on to learn how our team can meet all your auto repair and maintenance needs!

The PLS Auto Servicing Department Raises Expectations

Our used car dealership is unique in that we have an on-site auto servicing department. The spacious service area is fully equipped to handle all maintenance and repair needs. All this space allows us to offer timely and efficient service to anyone who comes in for repairs!

To ensure you get the best possible service, we only employ certified state technicians at our locations. Even though some states don’t require certification, we still make it a requirement to give you peace of mind. We want you to know your mechanic is fully qualified to give you the high-quality service you deserve!

We Provide Comprehensive Service and Maintenance

Our auto servicing department truly cares about your experience and wants to keep you on track. This care is reflected in the many amazing services we offer.

The comprehensive care starts with our warranty. Every car purchased from PLS Auto includes a two-year or 24,000-mile limited warranty. During that period, if your car breaks down or has any issues, our service department is here to help! We even offer towing for up to 50-miles when you have a covered repair.

We also offer a wide variety of repair maintenance services to care for your whole car, including:

  • Oil changes for PLS Auto Vehicle Owners
  • Suspension Services
  • Brake Services
  • Battery Services
  • Engine Repair
  • Muffler and Exhaust Services
  • Tire Rotation and Wheel Alignment
  • Transmission Repair
  • Air Conditioning Services
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Headlight and Taillight Service
  • And More – Ask us about all the services we offer!

We offer all of this and more “Because You Deserve Better!”

This Service will Make Your Life Easier in Many Ways

There are many benefits to using the PLS service department. Here are just a few of the ways we can make your life easier:

  • Trustworthiness – Our team helped you purchase and finance the perfect car for your situation. Now let that same reliable team maintain it for you!
  • Convenience – Finding an auto servicing shop can be a hassle. We can alleviate that burden for you with a conveniently located shop and extended operating hours.
  • Peace of Mind – Our team always prioritizes customers who come in with urgent auto repair needs. So, you will never have to worry about getting the service you need when you need it!
  • Efficiency – We pride ourselves on providing top-notch auto servicing as quickly and efficiently as possible. So, you will never have to wait longer than necessary to get your car back!

We want to give you all these benefits “Because You Deserve Better!”

You Deserve Better Auto Repair

We proudly service our used cars in Indianapolis, IN, and Dallas, TX. Visit our dealership and let one of our auto servicing specialists give you the respect, service, and peace of mind you deserve! Please give us a call to schedule an appointment.