We Believe “You Deserve” a Better Used Car Dealer!

At PLS Auto, our goal is to provide a premium used car purchasing experience for our clients. Unfortunately, people with credit and finances frequently have to endure poor service and unsatisfying results. But we’re here “because you deserve better!”

For this reason, we strive to assist people in finding the inexpensive vehicle they need as soon as possible. As a buy here pay here dealership, we provide purchasing, auto financing, servicing and maintenance in-house.

Because of this, you’ll find a better car buying experience at PLS Auto, no matter your financial situation! Keep reading to learn why we operate this way!

Realizing the Demand for Superior Service

Our founders have been assisting underserved customers with their financial needs for more than 25 years. As they helped people, they met many with challenged credit who had a terrible time trying to purchase a vehicle. And most sadly of all, the service they received often left them without a car.

Therefore, when our founders had the chance to lend their financial expertise to the car buying process, they jumped at the opportunity.

They started PLS Auto with one objective: to make the most of every chance to say “yes” to their customers. And they vowed to say “yes” any time a customer asked one of these questions:

We strive to answer “yes” to each of these questions “because you deserve better!”

Helping Customers Every Way We Can

When you visit PLS Auto, you find excellent customer service everywhere you look.

It all begins in our sales department. A member of our sales team will help you to find the affordable payment plan and service options you require.

This service includes:

After you’ve found your ideal vehicle, we also have a maintenance department at our location. Our servicing experts will provide the tune-up you need to get your vehicle running perfectly in no time.

This service includes:

We do all this because we care deeply about your experience and want to provide the best solutions you need for success.

Practicing Our Core Values

How can we assure you will get the worth, regard and convenient service you deserve? At PLS Auto, we live up to our beliefs by regularly practicing our three core values:

We utilize these values every day to achieve our customers’ goals. Allow us to use them to make your life better!

Looking for a Better Car Buying Experience?

Do you need a pre-owned vehicle in Indianapolis, IN? Come to our dealership, where one of our experienced team members can provide a better car buying experience now! Please call us to make an appointment.

*Approval not guaranteed. Terms apply.